Пуловеры, свитера, джемпера спицами и крючком, модели со схемами

Speaking Model And Scheme

schemes, descriptions of childhood models. Big choice of jakets and vests for boys and girls, bullets and sweaters on matches for children, childbears, dresses. Surface and circumferential skirts and barefans from different kinds of buckle.

Children's clothing is very practical because it can be easily converted to a larger size, thereby saving the family budget. It's also very beautiful, and every model you have for your child will be irrepetitive, not bought in a store. All these bullets and jockets are making love, and the kids feel it.

In the kindergarten, there's a lot of mornings and holidays, and if you connect something to your child, he'll look better in that clothes, any model. a dress for a girl Stress the inaccuracy of your daughter's image on a children's practicer, and accurate. The boy's jockey tied to the matches. He'll give salt to a future man.

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