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Address of containers for unnecessary items

A lot of people in the closet have old clothes and shoes, and they have unnecessary books on the stellas. By conducting the fall audit, don't rush to throw everything away, things can be put to good use. There are hundreds of containers of charitable organizations in the city that will give old things a new life, and someone from the town will be heartened by the innovation.

1. Thank you.
Perhaps the most famous charity store in town. In fact, his creators were the first to design a container system for unnecessary things. Gathering good shoes and clothes and books. All of this goes well, of course, and the contents of the special boxes are carefully sorted, and then they decide how to deal with these things.

The clothes, shoes and books go straight to the store. They are sold here to those in need, and some part is sold at a very small price. The money goes to charity too.

Today, containers can be found in different parts of the city, streets, shops and cultural spaces. Things can be taken at any convenient time, making it very simple to help those in need.

Address of containers:


Mega Dybenko, Murman Highway, 12 km. Leningrad oblast. 10:00 till 10:00. Containers are located in the exit zone from the cinema and at the central entrance to Mega near the ATM.

Mega Parnas, CAD/Engels. 10:00 till 10:00. Containers are located at the entrance exit from the underground parking to the ASHAN hypermarket and at the main entrance to Ikeu under the stairs. Another container is located at the entrance to ASHAN, opposite the Customer Service.

Admiralty district:

- Egorov, 3, Vorkplius, Egorov Academy, 11:00-21:00 (Pn.-Pt.), 11:00 to 19:00 (sb.-s).