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Простые и вкусные рецепты


A convenient and beautiful matching trail of the American rubber, a detailed description of the video link presented here. The reelef rubber not only steals traces of spooked stripes, yet elastic legs.

Two contrasting colours are used to tie traces so that traces are bright and interesting. The chaining of traces will require 50 grams of syrene buckle and about 75-100 grams of beige buckle, baking matches No. 2, 5.

Trailing description Speakers are represented at 41-42nd leg size.

Speaker men's socks need warm, strong, so they're good at legs and they're decorated by the inferior eye. I suggest we tie men's socks in a classic way on five plaque matches, with the screaming of coconuts, which, like a rubber, slides in half, so the socks will be tightly leged. For the socks to be durable, the stains and moss should be reinforced, and for that purpose, the solid additional thread should be included in the work associated with these areas.

Tie socks on two matches can be very simple. Since only two matches are used to tie socks easier, so learning to tie socks in this master class is recommended to those who only learn to tie matches. The rubber is mildly leg-crossed, so you can make a flower stripe on the mange and around the foot. Initially, the upper part of the sock fits, then the sole and incarceration shall be stitched from the top to the top of the tape.

One pair of socks will require 150-200 g of medium thickness buckle, matches No. 3.

The hard marks for the house must be comfortable, warm and beautiful. To match the matches in technology. ♪ ♪

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