Женский пуловер и свитер крючком или спицами

Speaker Knitting Schemes

Женский джемпер рельефным узором сверху вниз методом contiguousHow often we confuse these terms, including me. Let's try to figure out what the same is and what the difference is.

Jemper's female model and scheme.

Jemper's a knitting jeed without zip or a partial tilt on top that's dressed through the head. He may be with the collar or without, but not with any collar, the difference is the sweater, and we'll talk about it later. The throat cut may be any shape, size and length. That's understandable.

Women's pool.

Pulover is a Jemper variety, and has neither a collar nor a glass. It tightly covers the hull and usually has a V specimen cut form.

Пуловер реглан спицами женский с описаниемAlso, we've got a big bundle of matches and a hook for women in fashion models of poolers, schematics and descriptions.

Women's model sweater and scheme.

Sweeter's a knack for the upper body with two or three-lay collar covering the throat, i.e. round the neck.

That is the distinctive feature in the form of a collar, and it gives a sweater of all kinds of tied women's clothing. It's very comfortable and indispensable in winter or cold times of the year, saving our neck from refrigeration. We've got a great collection of model models of Speakers on our website, which contains diagrams and descriptions.

Now a little clarification or apology.

Женский белый пуловер с сердечками спицами с описанием и схемамиThere's a big remittance collection on our website. Speaker knitting for women with model models of pulubles, jampers and sweaters with descriptions and schemes. I'll just say that sometimes the name is not correct, without knowing how to spell it right. It's a nuance, when the name is translated, it's like the designer called it, and it's going in the middle of common rules to determine the degree and type of clothing. Please don't judge us strictly.

Speaking for women of a simple, stylish jamper with a top-down simulated cotton sleeve by contiguous method.

The women ' s pool is relayed by the top of the top with the formation of the V cutting of the throat, describing the knitting without a single stitch from Regina Messmer.

The new Kim Hargraves model for the spring summer season, tied with white cotton buckles with cuts on the side.

A short female sweater with arsonic hearts, cos, a cheek and a poetry called Vesna from the new Kim Hargraves book for spring-year 2017 Crush.

Speaking for women of a simple, stylish bullet with a semi-patent rubber and a wide-ranging crotch.

Короткий свитер спицами на весну лето Пуловер с широкой косой по центру Пуловер их мохера спицами - модная модель 2017 года на весну лето Пуловер из тонкого мохера спицами

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