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Binginging Curves

Spring always wants to update the hair, the wardrobe, the shoes and the mind. Acquisition of a new purse is also very and very desirable.

But you don't have to spend a lot on her, because the bag can always be done with your hands. The summer bag with its hands requires not only lungs, but also some ease of thought. But it must look good, not self-defense. Today, we're offering you an option that fits for starters.

модная сумка крючком схема описание мастер-класс

This bag is tied on the basis of a "bush square" hook, but it doesn't look like a grandmother, but on the other hand, it's fashionable and modern. A granny square of a hook that's needed to work so simple, that's easier than anywhere.

The ready bag's on the counter. The cloth from the suitable tissue is simply vented in a cut and attached manually or on a garment machine on the perimeter.

You must have realized that squares of hook - Perfect. Stipa alpaga's blog writer's versions of the blog. And we go to her blog to find out, how to tie a bag out of motives♪ Look at the references below for details: