Пальто с рукавом 3/4 - схема вязания спицами. Вяжем Пальто на

Coupling Schemes

Dimension: 44

Material for coat: 800 g buckle buckle (50 per cent wheat, 50 per cent acryl, 300 m/100 g), round of buttons tone of buckle, 5 s.

The schematics of sticking fingers.

Platoon: Persons and rows are tied with hinges.

Pearl: Stick under 1. There are faces on the chart, ranks, ranks, drawing. Repeat the height from the 1st to the 4th row.

Main: Strap 2 There are faces in the scheme, ranks, ranks in the drawing. Repeat the 13th to 42nd row.

Note: The model is to be fixed with one halved top down.

A description of the work of the female collar, tied by the Speakers: dial 90 p.s. and tie pearls with the same lines. For this, the hinge is to be distributed as follows: for the line of the bell, 2 p.m., for the sleeve, 14 p., for the back, 16 p., for the shelves, 18 (7 p.m.) for the pearl, 1, 10 p.m., for the handbag, crum. On the right shelf plan, at an equal distance from each other, carry button rings. In order to create scones on both sides, the hinge of the line is rotated in each individual, add 18 times per row. At a height of 24 cm from the hill of the sleeves, the matches will be added. The back and before we tie one half-boiled major disorientation in Figure 2. Equally throughout the width of the pound in each rrapport at the height at the beginning of the rumb to complete the addition (2 p. in each rumbe). At a height of 90 cm from the hinge range. Roll the pen to the main matches and continue the knitting under scheme 2. To narrow the sleeves on both sides in each of the six faces, the row will close 12 times by 1 p. At a height of 70 cm from the hinge range.