Начинающим крючок

Starting Hook Mandatory

Chefs for the pancake pen.
♪ Ideas_urokivyazaniya

That's a great idea for the owners of the jugicy pancreas, a knuckle chick on the pen.
It's a lot of stuff that loses somewhere at the right moment.

We need to:
Silk buckle medium thickness
Cricket No. 4
Buckle needle

Note: It is recommended to hide the tail from the initial chain to the 7th row, which will be problematic in the future. It's better not to use the acrylic buckle, because from the close heat, it could be as plastic.

- air loop
SBN is a pole without naquid.
2 MFN together - SFN removal
6 p.m.
A number of 1. 5 MFNs, 5 MFNs from the back of the initial chain from V.P., lapse further (10 Pet.)
(sighs)Circumstances is spiraled without the completion of the MOP, it is recommended that the first row be marked to avoid errors.)
A number of 2 *2 MFNs in the first loop, 3 MFN, 2 MFN in the trail* repeat to the end of the row (14 Pets)
A number of 3 *2 MFNs in the first loop, 5 MFN, 2 MFN in the following hinge* shall be repeated before the end of the series (18 Pet)
Series 4 and 5. SBN in every loop.
Around 6. 4 MFN, 2 MFN together, 7 MFN, 2 MFN together, 3 MFN (16)
Some 7 to 20. SBN in every loop.