Вязание цветов крючком для начинающих, цветы вязанные крючком со

Starting Flower Hook

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Baby stuff is just unthinkable without jewelry. I'd like to steal a dress, a chip, a head-on for a newborn flower. It's gonna look great at these things with a flower tied to a hook. In this class master, a stepwise description of the knitting of the flower to the hook will be made clear to starters, but it will be interesting and experienced handholds. You can decorate not only a child's clothing, but you can also tie a nice flower into the tone of the dress, use it as a brooch.

Colour chains

We'll bring some simple ones. Colour chains for starters, and we'll figure it out in detail. The rest of the schemes will be easy for you to figure out on your own.

On the basis of the same pattern, you will be able to connect many different colours.

These flowers are tied in one row, they steal pinetics.

цветы на пинетки

And this flower is tied up in three rows, such wheat and voluminous colours will fit for the baby's head.

This flower is connected to three rows, but it is supplemented by green leaflets. It's going to be so good looking at the collar of a newborn dress.

I painted a newborn's chip.

Speech description of the knitting of the bloom hook

We're on the first diagram.

Put your thumb on the mark.

Take the main thread and make the hinge.

Take off the ring from the thumb, tie three air loops.

цветок на полоске

Then we put the pole in the ring, and then we got an air hinge cart. We've got to make five arocks (3 air loops, then no pole in the ring). We've got one row.

Pull the thread and pull the ring. Now, in each arch, we're going to have one pole without naqid, five poles with nakide, one without naquid.

We've got each of the five arocs. Then, in order to make the petals clearer, oblige each leper with no poles. Got the first layer of flower. If, at this stage, we're gonna have to put the bubbles in the middle, we're gonna have small ready flowers.

We'll have a second layer of flower. To this end, we turn the knitting and cover the first-line pole, grab the thread and move behind the knitting.

We'll set up a chain of five air hinges, and we'll again cover the next pillar of the first row. Got a five-air hinge cart. So we're doing five arocs.

We'll have a second row of petals: 1 pole without nakida, 10 poles with nakid, 1 pole without naquid. This photo shows the second layer of petals.

цветок на платье арка из воздушных петель арки в кольце обвязка

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