Будь модной! Вязание спицами пинеток для начинающих. Модная одежда

Spirits For Starters

пинетки спицами - фото и видео уроки для начинающих

The choice of good and convenient clothing for a newborn child is a responsible step that most moms are cooking long before the baby is born. It's known that many modern women are taking the bears for the first time during the pregnancy, when the rabbit is already living under the heart of the mother, and it's so hard to tie their hands with beautiful original newborn things!

In this article, we want to share with you, dear women, interesting classrooms with schemes and useful advice that you can easily link modern pinetics to the child. In previous materials, we started to learn. blazing pine with matches and a hook. As a follow-up to the topic, I'm gonna offer you a step-by-step video and a photo of the lessons that will help you tie the pinetics with the right size. For starters, we've placed below the table with the approximate size of newborn babies' legs.