Вяжем детский шарфик без узла спицами по схеме. Подробное описание

Spirits For Children

Placing a child scarf is quite rapid and very interesting: it is possible to use bright material, unusual sights or some totally invisible and original child models. Speakers are the most likely to be employed, as this instrument allows for the creation of soft elastic layers from the thickness of virtually any thickness. It's easy for them to tie scarfs for children of any age, practical or decorative, for a girl or a boy.

The simplest scarf.

In the absence of a free time or, where necessary, a children ' s classic scarf can be used as an extremely simple spark that is accessible to masters with any ties.

Charfs The different types of rubber cannot be described as a very original idea, but it is these that have many qualities for such child accessories:

  • Charf elasticity and softness;
  • It is the same as the two sides;
  • Simultaneously combined with children ' s caps and fit flowers;
  • Universality (for boys and girls).

Traditionally, the scarf is spying on the baby, recruiting an even number of singers (P) and worn by the lyrics (LCPs) and the IDs. The figure below shows the manufacturing of a child grey scarf with a 1:1.

It's easier here:

  • 1 Krom, 1LCP, 1 LPG, 1 Krom
  • 1 rum, 1 MP, 1 LCP, 1 rum.

The colors can be distributed as the master wants. There's a good view of narrow, colorful strips on children's scarfs, but it's possible to produce a product of long passages or to do two half of the articles with different strings. The gray, blue or other calm flowers are usually chosen to work on a boy scarf.

Figar rubber and its characteristics

The next model looks like a scarf connected to the matches with a simple rubber, but there's a little different combination of LCPs and LCDs. As a result, the " coconuts " are more voluminous and swell. Such scarfs look like a reduced copy of adults, they fit for both boys and girls.

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