платья, сарафаны | Вязание спицами, крючком, уроки вязания


вязание спицами для девочек платья на зиму и на лето1. BACKGROUND

It's a beautiful, modern dress with terrific ears, linked to a bright buckle for the girl, and it looks harmoniously on a bright blouse and an ensemble with a fashioned child complex. An elegant thin dress from the cotton buckle or a warm dress with a long sleeve on the winter can be tied to the hook (see also). But many models of dresses with interesting lights are better tied to matches.

A little girl will look equally effective, both as a dress with flower ears and saturated paints and as a model of bright and dangerous tones. But before you pick a flower for blabbing a girl's dress, you have to check (the Internet has many charts and tables for comparison) what she has.
It is also important to choose a quality buckle to tie child clothing. It's best to buy a special buckle. matches to children♪ The buckle consists only of natural fibres.вязание спицами для девочек платья на зиму и на лето The painters who can be used to paint a filament in a colour shall not leave traces on the skin after the girl wears a dress connected to that buckle. A piece of stainless buckle can cause silos on the skin of a child, a potion and a nasty allergic reaction.

2. Why don't you come back and get a little girl?

With the help of this class master, you will be able to tie a comfortable lung dresser for the summer for the girl. Age: 3-4 year, 6, 8. and 10 years.

Breast circumference: 51 (57, 5; 62; 66; 71)cm;
Half length: 44, 5 (49.5, 59, 65, 5, 74) cm;
Loin depth: 18 (21, 5, 23, 25, 26, 5) cm.

Tools and materials for work:

300 (300, 350, 400, 500) grams of thin buckle (clop and acryl, 80 m/50 g), circular matches No. 5, 60 cm long,
circular matches No. 4, 5 in length 40 cm.

Boundary density is halved:

18 hinges and 26 round rows of the face junction on matches Nos. 4, 5=10x10cm;

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