Узор «Соты» спицами


Узор сотыThis lesson will be devoted to the way in which the blinds are tied to a heavy shame, which is called " bells " . It allows articles to be fat and warm, not to change their shape. These properties make knitting convenient for the manufacture of a variety of warm things, jaquets and coats, and fashion cardigans. For this shame, you will often have to use the wheel and nakid removed. In buckling the buckle, it is best to be guided by the criteria of good scrubbing, avoiding different drownings and bottles that can alter and worsen the drawings. In this case, the shame will be changed to the worst. Blade blades are the best matches that are slightly less than the manufacturer ' s recommended buckle. In order to review and study the process of designing this vision, you are offered a video class with detailed descriptions.

Master, knitting class Blade soda

Look at the big thickness of this eye. Because of this density, it fits for baby and adult winter clothes. It's totally soft, voluminous, with a brightly expressed relay. The cellular cell count is one-sided, the number of hinges should be even, and the report is six because it is a pattern of sight. With regard to the concept of " port " , it means the number of rows after which all actions are repeated again. And for one of them, it's a repetitive set sequence. In this case, the shame is repeated from the third. Let's start with a set of even numbers. For example, we recruit twenty-six speakers, two of which will be loud. We'll tie to the first one on the product's intel. We're taking off the start, and we're gonna make the first one that's the front wall face. The next one goes off with the nakid. We'll put the work thread on the match, and we'll take the next one. You're supposed to be in the front row, doing it at the end.

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