Вязаные сапожки | Вязание спицами, крючком, уроки вязания

Spy Boots

вязаные гольфыCompulsory boots aren't so rare on our streets. The truth is, it's more often than a hand bandage, not a very good work of mass producers. But if you tie your boots on your own, it doesn't matter to the matches or hooks, the result will strike the others exactly. It's gonna be a unique model that you'll never buy in any store. If you don't know, like, You can tie the boots, you take the old shoe, it can be boots, shoes, or just slippers, and start tying them off the soles (usually tie the hook). So you'll solve the problem with your unnecessary shoes and you'll be able to carry your bonded boots longer.
вязаные сапожки But you can tie your homework, then you don't need your old shoes, you can tickle with a type of slippers, socks, and you've got fat bayonets to the bottom. Then you won't suffer even the coldest floors.
Guy shoes are less likely to be found on our streets, but you can also take unnecessary bosoms, sticks or shoes and update them with knitting.
In this section, you will find models of associated boots with description and chaining schemes

Mandatory golfs are connected to matches by the acquaintance. Drops Design model.

вязаные сапогиGolf size: 35/37, 38/40, 41/43.

The knitting of golf will require: 150 g of buckle type Drops Alpaca (100% alpaca, 167 m/50 grams) from Garnstudio, plain matches Nos. 2, 5 and 1, 5 atlas, 10 mm wide.

The warm and so cozy knives from the Drops design.

Compulsory boots don't lose their popularity. It's pretty, convenient and creative. These are the boots on the rubber's soles, so we can tie ourselves to a daughter or a son.

вязаные сапоги

It's about time for the heat to fall, and it's time to tie itself to the fall (unless of course there's a lot of rain) these great boots.

The boots are tied. You'll find a detailed description and a schematic on the Routet website.

Compulsory boots aren't the first season, and that's basically clear. They're so warm and comfortable, and they're beautiful. But most importantly, no one else will have such boots.

Guy slippers or toys who likes it. They'll warm up and be happy. It's nice to wear these slippers this morning.

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