Вязание своими руками удобных и симпатичных следков спицами двумя


In order not to lose the burden of sharing...
The tracks are connected to the matches. A very fast and simple version, accessible by the most inexperienced master. The slippers are painted with hook-related flowers and a fantasy stick. It's filled with a basser.

The size of the slip is arbitrary. According to the description provided, from 37 to 40.

Materials: Any buckle (not thin), residues of flower plugs and dryings (sound green, bright green, white, pink, syrene), large and small basser (white, siren, transparent).

The slippers are related to Speech No. 4, 5. The flowers are tied to hook No. 1, 75.

Master Class:

1. The slippers are the basis


We'll hire 34 loops.

1 row: 1 thick, 32 leaf, 1 thick

2 rows: 1 loud, 10 face, 1 ink, 10 face, 1 ink, 1 ink, 10 face, 1 ink

3 - 34 rows: inaccurate rows = as 1st rows = as 2nd row

35 rows: 1 thick, 11 leaf, 1 hinge (two out of one hinge), 8 rotary, 1 additive, 11 leaf, 1 thick

36 rows: 1 thick, 10 faces, 1 ink, 12 faces, 1 ink, 10 faces, 1 thick

37 row: 1 thick, 34 leaf, 1 thick 3

38 - 63 rows: numerical rows = as 36th rows - as 37th row

64 - 72 rows: 1 liquefied - 1 ID

Petley won't close, leave a long thread.

Along with additives, it's a place to expand the foot.

2. Knocks - assembly


Pull the left thread through the hinge of the last row
We pull the thread. Next, we'll sew the portion of the rubber and about eight other rows.
You can make the slippers more closed or more “petty”.


Put it through the middle (A) and pull it off (see photo No. 6-7). We're stitching around.

Photo No. 9 is the view from behind.

Serene Flowers

There's an arbitrary number of syrene buckets of different colors. We'll put a four-air hinge ring in a half-stop ring. The next chain of four air hinges from this loop is to be wrapped in a ring with a half-tank. That's what makes a total of four petals. At the end of the connecting pole, connect the fourth leper to the first.

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