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Compulsory Boots With Matches

6A simple and stylish vest of a large bladder is connected to the matches of a plaque stick.

The cell is 44-48.

Back width 52 cm
65 cm long vest (after WTO measurements)

It's time to count the votes and announce the winner in the competition, "I'm going to be with my family."

First of all, I want to thank you, dear men, for such beautiful and dignified jobs, and some for a detailed description and good pictures of my work! A lot of people sent a few jobs, not the first time. I'm very happy and our contests will continue!

You all know that we had a second-stage competition in parallel. for home♪ And it turns out that we got one man on two websites and that's it.

Laisan, congratulations on the double victory! You've been chosen by the handmaids, and it's pleasant!

11But it's not over, there's gonna be another prize, surprise, unplanned. Since we have one man winning two contests, there must be two winners. I thought I'd give you another gift, it'd be a surprise gift. It's not the first time that this man's been involved in our competition and work, sent with good photos and descriptions, but one of the jobs I've just won my tenderness!

This is Alia Hasanova, congratulations!

Dear, girls, thank you all, you're all very smart! We're about to start a year's competition with wonderful prizes!

Competition No. 14 - Coral (Costenco Laisan)

bpY3UuTnbsHello. Costenko Laisan and my vest, Koral.

The vegetation required the spice of Children ' s Novinka Pehorka, Speech No. 4.

Tried into three threads, tied the sleeve with a paradise.

Competitive work No. 11 - Shoe jacket and top of Speakers (Veronica)
Hello. My name is Veronica. I've been in three years. Like a lot of people started to stick in a decree, and it took a long time. I've got a tops and a jacket.
Into one thread of the main eye and top, Speech No. 4. And the sleeves are rubber and the jaketic-- Alyze Kashemir is 100% worn.

2 Reading completely.

Disein: Lea Petaja

Dimensions: S-M(L-XL)

Dimensions of finished product: length -93(125) cm, back width - 60(64) cm.

You're gonna need a bucket of Novita Nalle (75 per cent wool, 25 per cent polyamide, 260 m/100 g) -250 (300 grams) of bruise colour (329), bucket Novita Sade (58 per cent acryl, 28 per cent polyester, 7 per cent polyamide, 205 m/50 g) -150 (139),

Attention! Stick in two layers: Novita Nalle + Novita Sade.

Platoon: individuals and rows are just individuals.

Intelligent smoothness: faces, ranks are from the hinge, from the ranks of the hinge.

Surprise from cos: Tie the chart.

вязаное платье спицами tHUUZaswo14 ажурный жакет и топ спицами вязаная безрукавка с косами