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Simple Knitting Angles

Пинетки крючком, основные принципы вязания. Вязание крючком.You needed to tie your penny for yourself or for yourself, but you don't know where to start. Let us work together on the question of how to tie the pinetics to the hook.

The knitting density is what it is, and why does it even need it?

You'll need a blue and white buckle (measured cotton), hook number 2, button.

The cap and the pincher ball are tied to a hook (refinish) from the child buckle. Take off the dog's head and count the hinge. The hat was tying around, leaving holes for the ears.

Как определить плотность вязания. Вязание крючком.Master of the class to connect the motives from Ethiy Andreevsky.

Tonight, I suggest we tie a little brew to the Japanese magazine. You can put it on the phone, on the bag, on the iPad, wallet, or use it as a doll toy, like my daughter did. So I didn't get the logs.

Чехол для мобильного телефона. Работа Наталии. Вязание крючком.Today, we want to present a very simple napkin to your attention. To deal with this napkin, you'll be able to tie the following elements: air loop, zero pole, nakide pole and connector.

The chains of circles and the poles without nacquid and poles with nacide. That's why you can use the charts. Linking circles The hook begins to be tied Any child or adult hat. If the strings are thin, it's best to tie a hat with no poles.

Шапочка и шарф для пинчера. Работы Тамары Матус. Вязание крючком.Keep reading.

Mittens are also connected from the x/b of the COSS. Triangular motive was tying. When the triangle was connected, a filament was tied to one side and tied in straight and reverse rows 2 poles with oxid in one loop, followed by 1 air loop, etc. Finished the last row: 5 poles with one nakid per loop, 1 [...]

Removal from the x/b of the COSS. The rings were so tying: the index finger was staggered six times, and then, without pluging the string, tied the bells off the finger. That's what I've got to do. Then, according to the scheme, a tri-lister was tied up and everybody was sewn together. You can tie any other flower or butterflies, but I like this one.

МК соединение мотивов при вязании крючком. Вязание крючком. Брелок – мороженое,  связанный крючком для начинающих. Вязание крючком. Простая салфетка для начинающих связанная крючком. Вязание крючком. Как вязать круг и овал крючком. Вязание крючком.