модные шапки - Самое интересное в блогах

Mod Hats Tied By Matches

Женские шапки вязаные спицами. 112 фотографий.The ice comes sooner or later, and it's time to think about updating the wardrobe. Stile and warmer things and accessories must be established. And one of the most important and necessary items is head cleaning. It not only complements the image created, but also adds the necessary accents to it by helping to keep your head out of the weather and the morosis. In today ' s edition of the Women ' s Internet Journal, we will present to you a large collection of photographs of the fashion headwalls associated with the matches.

You can put light hats on until the next spring: they look very aesthetic, but can they be safe from winter colds? Their place is well occupied by the warm hats of various types and colours. Every season, fashion designers produce new collections that give one of the most important places to this woman's wardrobe. Not an exception to the current season.

Stupid. This season.

Essthetic and practical head-on knuckles are mostly voluminous and quite cumbersome. Colour palette is not limited to any limits. It's very popular with stitching, scattering and ecstasy, not losing popularity. Some models use stigmatized bandages, characterised by certain ethnic groups, textile boxes, brushing and many other interesting elements. The mondicas came in the shower of a cap from the furious and light rack. Such models add air, tenderness and defence.

The colours, as already stated and shown in the photo, are not limited, ranging from bright and screaming neon to dangerous and slightly dusty. Steelists recommend that we pick a headband on the contrast with the main colors of clothing. Therefore, there is no need to fear inferiority and inappropriateness: any combinations are allowed in the current season. And counterparts are just huge plus image. The most demanded tone is red, coffee, chocolate, brown, white, gentle, pink, avory and gentle blue shades. The popular combination is two different contrasting colours in one model.

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