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Compulsory Coffins With Schemes

вязание кофт спицами для женщин 1. WOMEN ' S COLECTED PICKS

Today, matching is in the top of the most popular manoeuvres. It's because it's possible to link every model of coffa (cardigan, bulletproof, jocket) that's perfect for a woman. In the previous material, we have set up diagrams for full women, profiles and video lessons for starters. A lot of visitors took advantage of similar schemes and tied very beautiful boxes, cardigans, tunics on matches. We decided to continue the issue of matching for women, and in this material, you will find chains of carpets and step-by-step descriptions for each model.

In the view of domestic clothing and stilists, different models of pancreas (both long winter heat and thin from the cotton buckle at the summer) must be present in the women ' s harbor. It's very convenient, practical, and it's a great combination of many outfits. The attached jacket will look beautifully with the tightened trousers, and the wide one with a skirt or a long dress.

Coft with a stunned slide connected to matches from a thin buckle of dangerous tones can be perfectly combined with a business wardrobe. Such a universal element of the wardrobe is suitable for going to the office, visiting guests and walking. Before we begin knitting with matches, it's important to choose the buckle right with the appropriate thread structure and the way the viscous is calibrated. The variety of modern models of women's cats is also impressive. There are options for both full women and the worst.

You can tie a warm coffet to a winter of 100 per cent wool in which you will be very warm and comfortable. You can tie a long model with a collar that can easily replace the coat in pasture days or winter if it's not too cold. Special benefits are given to cartridges with unusual decorative elements and decoratives, which are associated with the combination of thin and thick wools of different denominations.

Mini-cardigans and short sleeves connected to the cotton buckle of bright tones are universal upper clothing for the summer. During this season, we'll have short-sized carpets combined with mini-skirts and bright trousers.
But it's advisable to stick to certain rules by choosing a knuckle for yourself:

• If your thighs are much longer on the shoulder belt, then select long jackets with clear lines and straight coverings;