Пряжа в Челябинске по низким ценам


100% wool is a dear elegant buckle. It's warm, beautiful, but horny. They can be covered with pots, sit down after laundry or, on the other hand, stretch. Acryl is often added to increase wear and tear. If the acryl is 10-20 per cent, the product will fully repeat the properties of the main thread. If the acryl is 50 percent or more, it's gonna look worse, badly pass the air and keep the heat. The optimum wool-synthetic ratio is 70 per cent by 30 per cent. Okay, if the synthetics are a laundry, acryl or microfibra, not a tough polyakryl. You'll have to check your thread. The passion will be very soft.

Aside from the sheep wool, you can see the mocher, the brush of the goat. Moher is expensive, but it's a very strong and small thread. It makes soft sweaters and hats. But the Moher shouldn't be used for children's things. Because he's got a fly that can get a kid in the eye, nose and mouth.

Pay attention to whether the buckle has been met. Mercerization is the temperature of the fiber, after which the thread does not land or lose color. Mercerization can be determined in the eye, it's a few broken fibers stuck in a common thread. If it's bulletproof, voluminous, it's not merciless. It's gonna be hard to get out of it, and the finished product will quickly lose its appearance.

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