моден вязание спицами журнал

Speaker Bourdes

Андрей Малахов освоил вязание на спицах в клипе Roxette (Видео)The head and editor-in-chief of the Starhit magazine became the hero of the Roxette on the song " Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers " . The Swedish team has announced a competition for all the fans of their creativity who would like to see themselves in the clip for this song. Andrei Malakov recorded a short videotape that e-mailed all other contestants. The cadres were so fond of the Roxette musicians and the clipmakers that they decided to include them in their role.

Andrei Malachov's role lies in the swamp of rose petals, as well as on the matches, which is what the Roxette song is about.

♪ It's not my fault, but the song had to take over the matches and Burda Moden magazine from the song. diagram and model- wrote Andrei Malaham in his instagram.