Супер-шапка для мужчины - Шапочки и панамки - Схемы вязания

Man's Speed

Мужские вязаные шапки. 80 фотографий.It's time to wear hats. Men wear their headbags in anticipation until the last moment pulling this unpleasant moment. But without a cold cap, it might be possible to find his hero. But what arguments would a man find against this subject of a wardrobe created by the hands of a dear man? In this issue of our man's magazine, you'll find a lot of pictures of beautiful operas associated with matches.

Stick hats.

Any buckle thickness requires a reference sample to determine the knitting density. Three grams of blue, gray and melange buckle and third and a half number matches. Two-two-two rubbers are the best for the hat. Polosky is coloured: eight rows of one, the same number of others and three. A hundred and forty-foot hinges are tied to a height of nine centimetres, a color worm. After twenty-one centimetres, work is divided into four parts for thirty-five hinges in each and ends separately. In each second row, two loops are closed. The remaining five hinges are closed and the pieces are shattered. Planet turns to five centimeters. You can tie a scarf to that hat.

Dignity knitting cap

Headmistresses like photos are very practical, and they don't need special care. You can just leave her in the sleeve of the winter jacket. The appearance of the head cleaning will not be compromised, and its original form will not be lost. Mandatory caps are not expensive because their prices are democratized and the cost of material used is lower than those of leather or mecha head cleaners. Finally, knitting hats are universal because they can always be worn with a jacket and a coat. Depends on the model.