Вязание крючком. Объемный цветок

Quantity Of The Hold

watermarked - 3 (700x625, 308Kb)Today, I present to your attention a hair or an armor-related hook. Very nice and beautiful.
When the weekends went off, the fun games, the meetings with friends, the interesting walks, it's so nice to sleep on a soft bed, and I don't want to wake up on Monday morning! The new hair rubbers that my mom tied up with love will make the awakening of the joyous, and the gentle shades of the buckle will remember the wonderful pink dreams.

The flower diameter is 6 cm. The flower is produced by five layers of petals. The middle is decorating a beautiful bush. I used real pearls for this purpose.5 (700x517, 360Kb) The extra jewel is a piece of white circus and a white ribbon. Three clubs will be needed for work: pink, white and brown cotton, ribbon and mug. For my buckle, that's a great hook of 1, 3 mm.

We need to connect these elements.

3424885_IMG_5324 (526x421, 59Kb) Here are the diagrams:

Contact all the details, clean up all the ends of the string. Get the details off both sides, stretching the blinds on the outer edge, so they're beautiful, exciting. Then gather from the pyramid petals and carefully sew them with a big pink thread. Turn the brown core of the spiral and tie the needle with the thread. Get her to the flower. Now get the bush. Make the ribbon out.IMG_5391 (700x525, 308Kb) Get him on the back side of the flower, finish the lighter. A piece of the circumference shall be transversed in half and at the point of the flexibil, also click to the ink. You can put the pill! It's all "working moments." And at the end, without pluging the thread, tidy the quality of the rubber so that the decoration can last longer.