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Quantity Of Hook

I keep quietly exploring the different ways of using viscous strips. I really liked to tie these arc strips, and what to do with them, except for scarfs, I didn't know.

There's a beautiful flower in the middle of the Internet that's connected to such lanes. Except for the ready flower, there was no explanation, so I had to figure out how to take the hook like that.

That's what I'm offering you another detailed IC. Such flowers can be used as hot cups and vase napkins. A few tied flowers on the wall form a beautiful penny. I'm so much like a dream trap.

To tie flowers, we need:
- any knitting threads of any colour
- viscous fork.
- hook #3

There is a need to link the aerial strip from 54 hinges. A viscous fork or linear for this.
One side of the arc strip is in the middle of the hook and
We're pulling her string.
We're closing a tight knot. The second edge on the average " seam " also connects the ends of the threads, which started and ended up with knitting.
From the other edge of the aerial strip, we'll form beautiful petals. We'll make a ring at the end, and we'll take three pins.
We're pulling and pulling the string, making the connective loop.
and five air hinges.
So we're gonna keep pulling three loops together and five air hinges to the end of the hinge. We'll tie the last loop together.
Next, three air loops, five air hinges, three air loops. These chains are tied with carcases through one loop. They shall fit (3 barrels each 3, 5 and 3 hinges) between each petal.
That's a beautiful flower. Diameter is so beautiful 16 cm.

If we tie the arc strip with a shifted harmful stitch, the inside part of the flower will be flat.

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