Кофточка. Вязание по кругу. - Все в ажуре (вязание крючком

Carrying Around The Hook

Как вязать крючком по кругу: формирование начального кольца

Knitting lessons for starters, part 6

So, in our previous lesson, we learned to tie a circle of hooks on the poles without a skill. But it's not the only way to tie a round of hooks. In some cases, for example, where the product has different colours, the fact that the beginning and end of a number are at different levels is uncomfortable. Many of the spectacles are also not beautifully connected. In these cases, round-lines are used by connecting poles and lift air hinge. For the sake of brevity, we will continue to call this method.

ImportantFor the circle to be flat and flat, it is important to correctly determine how many poles need to be tied in the first row.Вязание по кругу: начало второго ряда In the previous lesson, we've been blurring the circle of poles without calamity, starting with six pillars. But the number of poles in the first row isn't always constant: it depends on the height of the pole and on the way to tie. All right, every bandwidth has its own knitting features over time: someone's got a pole sock shorter and tighter, someone's got a rooster. If you do, for example, when you tie poles with no naquid, the circle will be stretched to the edges, and it's not flat, it's swelling, you need to recruit more than six in the front row, like eight poles. The height of the pole with nakid is approximately twice the height of the pole without naqid, which means that the poles in the first row should be twice as high as 12.

Вязание по кругу: первая и последняя петли ряда на одном уровнеSo, forming a sliding loopwhich will be our initial ring. We'll have two air rods up. There's a rooster on the hook (she'll be the first in the next row) marker.

Как вязать крючком по кругу: формирование начального кольца

Now, we'll be in the loop of 11 poles with a nakyd: in the first row We can make 12 poles, including the hijacks. We'll close the circle by linking the connector to the first loop marked by the marker.

Вязание по кругу — замыкаем первый ряд соединительным столбиком

In order to form the second row, we'll re-emergize two aeroplanes, move the marker so we don't lose the next row, and we'll walk two poles with a pound on each loop. The second row will have 24 pillars, including the hijacks.

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