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мастер классы по вязанию крючком сарафанов для девочек1. BACKGROUND

One of the most popular craftsmanships in women can be said to be the knitting of a hook for children. The golden hands of our handholds, the hook and the buckle are the main components that give birth to real art masterpieces in the home. Our knickers are building their hands with their original, exclusive ties for children - arsonic hats, stylish dresses and skirts for girls, sweet cats and modern pain. In previous materials, we have told you how to tie scarfs, hats, socks for children, and visual and classroom videos with schematics and job descriptions have helped starters build beautiful and modern clothes for children with their hands.

The subject of this article is to tie the Sarafan with a hook for a girl. Simple video and footage, as well as description schemes, will help starters to tie beautiful and convenient pancakes for girls with a hook.

Little children are very beautiful in themselves and cute, and the original tied clothes will further stress their external dignity.
мастер классы по вязанию крючком сарафанов для девочек For the summer, you can tie a little girl with a light shark with a thin cotton or a lung buckle. You choose the right buckle to tie a hook, and you know that a child's barefan from it will be good and a girl will feel comfortable on hot days.

Children ' s Sarafans can be fixed for a cold winter period. The knitting machines are chosen by the thicker, with the wool composition. You can wear a bat, sweater, blouse.

The sarafan hook is very simple and even a start-up skill will handle this first time. And if you combine a textile skirt skirt skirt, it'll take a little time. The more experienced craftsmen not only have one-ton models, but also combine a tidy cloth with funny baby drawings.


Prepare for work: hook No. 2, push 100% of cotton (30-40 grams of white, 100 grams of salad and 20 grams of pink).

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