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Liquid Car Application

#KnittStyler and #DesignaKnit for perfocart and simple mechanical bundles.

Every day in today ' s world, new technologies and inventions are emerging, making our daily lives very simple. Either the old ones are perfect, which have already come to our normal rhythm.
It's not the same trend that you and I are the men. If our grandmothers used to be hand-held for long winter evenings, sewn, buckled, blurred and sold a lot of different predicaments, modern handicraftsmen come to help with technical inventions that no longer represent our lives. These are sewing, stitching, bundle machines, electric cars, tissue machines and many other miracles of modern technology.

The car manufacturers also offer us a great many additional hardware and accompanying software for knitting, such as KnittStyler and DesignaKnit. It's all great, but not always the desires match the possibilities. Not all knitting machines can work fully with the software. However, some of the possibilities of these programmes can be used in a perfault or simple mechanical viscosal machine. For example, use the program as a selective device. Great! But how do we do that?

Information about a non-chitro device that can " computerize " any single car and link through the programme can be found on the Internet. I call this a device called Mashkin Adapter because it's made on the basis of a computer mice. In my time, my husband did this to me. But there are very unpleasant moments in the knitting process:

rows of the enumerator in the programme sometimes jumped from or completely stopped;
When the carriage stops on the counter sensor, the rows started running without stopping;
It is necessary to keep the mouse courseor under constant control so that it does not slip off the software counter button;
The passes of the rows appeared when the sensor ' s contacts deteriorated, and it was inevitable over time because of their wear.