Схемы вязания снежинок крючком

Boundary Chains

СнежинкаNorwegian eyes with snowflake images always attract attention. This article will refer to them. It was the first time that they appeared in southern Norway, where each man worked to link something unique and irrepetitive to the matches. Traditionally, they preferred to create all possible interpretations of snowflakes, and each was uniquely original. In wintertime, when there's a lot of cold on the street, warm, clothed clothes with snow, become the most popular and demanded. For example, you will be offered some snowflake schemes for matching.

Одежда с узоромJacquescal Snow

Before we begin blatant blade It's better to see the relevant video, especially for those who just start doing it. This method of knitting is appropriate to enable several buckle colours to be combined in one row. But there's also one shortcoming: the knowledge has a lengthy education. If the intersection between single-coloured petitioners is equal to four hinges, then free thread will cause some problems during the sock of such clothes. The scheme will be simple in implementation, as it already has symbols that need to be strictly observed.

Snow dress

Such an ornament would smear not only in winter and warm dress, but also for other weather. Demiseone clothing can be tied from cotton tiles that don't create any discomfort, even in the sun.Узор снежинка спицами There's one knitting option that will help create a big snowflake, that's the use of a few buckle blossoms in places where colour changes occur. Intersection occurs every five or seven peteel. In this case, the strings on the ink shall not hang. Then there's no problem with the length. In the end, your knitting must be warm at the cost of a stretched buckle on the ink that will seal it double. The most important thing is to keep an eye on the pattern and tension of the buckle. By adhering to such rules, you will be able to make the snowflakes right and unique.

Снежинка Узор снежинка спицами