Как связать шарф спицами для начинающих

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шарф спицами для начинающихThe winter's strong freezes and cold winds give the most unpleasant feeling during walks and games with children on the street. So that your baby doesn't get ugly, tie him a very warm scarf. Frankly, when I tied him up for my child, I realized how warm a normal scarf could be if it was right to pick a buckle and a scarf.

You will need:

  • ALISE CASHMIRA tetrates - 2 gray-coloured and 1 flow-meter,
  • knitting matches No. 4.

The finished scarf is as follows: length 102 cm, width 18 cm♪ By the way, it's a great stretch, just a little less than one and a half times in length, and two times in width. In doing so, it always keeps itself in shape and does not become a " booby trap " or " knob " .

How to tie a scarf to matches.

шарф спицами для начинающихFirst of all, I want to say threads: these are natural wool tits (cashemir) that don't hesitate and warm. Of course you can choose another option, but from some time on, it's my favorite tits for baby knitting.

All right, get 50 drinks on the match.

Auxiliary specimen shall alternate one person, one person before the end of the row.

The next row already needs to be linked to the main pattern. The heat scarf is good with a large English rubber. It's not hard to get involved.
It's clear enough or rumour to remember only one row, and you won't need any more surveillance footage for the scarf.
All the face-to-face loops, i.e., you see, we're gonna get it, and then we're gonna make it out after the face.
All the intelligent loops are off the matches as well as an intelligent loop, i.e., just rolling with auxiliary match to a worker, and a thread before work.
This principle shall be used in each row before the end of the bond.

детский шарф спицамиTo get a stripy scarf, turn the light and dark thread in such a way as:

1. First, the gray color of 32 rows. Don't be surprised that so much is the visible number of hinges in the pole will be exactly twice as small.

2. Then we introduce dark threads and two series dark and bright. Here again, one row of each colour will be rotated, due to the speciality of the ear. This, however, gives an advantage to other charfs: the rotation of the filaments occurs on the same side and the stripes are trimmed into one line and original.

3. The next stage of strip rotation is 16 rows first light and then dark. There's two fat stripes here.

4. It's dark to tie 52 rows.

5. The middle of the scarf itself is tied with light threads. I got it in 260 rows.

детский шарф спицами шарф спицами как связать шарф спицами как связать шарф спицами

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