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Tape Chains


41 (42)

You will.

Separate crashing in 6 sediments (75 per cent of wool, 25 per cent of polyamide; 420 m/150 g) - 150 grams of brown sternum; Chulic Species No. 3; prepared kernels of appropriate size; solid stitches; Two ready appliions.

Relef stripes

1 - 3 p.m. Living loops;
4th : knowledge loops.

Repeat from 1st to 4th row.

Kletki Share

The number of hinges is repeated at 8 + 1 + 2 krom. We're gonna have to do this. It contains lycées and numerals.

Starting with the edge, repeating therapport, finishing the ropes after the rapport and the edge. Repeat the height from the 1st to the 12th row.

Boundary density

25 p. x 35 p. = 10 x 10 cm is associated with a straw.


You have to be tough.


The rear cap is to be cross-lined: to hire 21 rings on the matches and to tie strips. In 29 (31) cm from the start-up, all loops are closed.

For the upper part of the staircase, pick up 51 loops and tie the Kletki with 8 x 1 p.m. in each 6 p. to round up. In 15 cm = 54 p. from the beginning, close the remaining 35 hinges.

On the top of the stitch, we're gonna stitch up on the ready application.

The back of the cap is to sew strong strings on one side of the rear floor of the sole. To the front half of the podium, stitch the upper part of the stack, planting a knitting piece on the mouse. The associated parts (back and upper part of the stairs) shall then be stitched on the short sides.