ПРЯЖА для вязания - Интернет-магазин пряжи для вязания

Bulk Thread

Good afternoon, interested in the machine band, costume sports, please write the price of work.

Good afternoon, how much would it cost to sew the foam from Angola and the brown with the cosmic?

Hello. How much would it cost to tie that sweater? Preferably machine band.

Again, my job was a little bit of a...

My dear, my dear friends!
This year we have a little sun in our family, daughter Maria. Almost all my time now, I'm very happy to devote only to her. In this regard, I'm suspending the ordering.
Thank you and all for your happiness!

I've got an order for this child's diaper:

How elegant and skilled to pianine, scarf, handkerchief

It's so bright, but at the same time, it's a gag.

It's a small summer skirt, linked to a cartel out of cotton, so comfortable on the beach and beautifully staring at all possible dresses, skirts, shorts, trousers. ♪

The lung, summer skirt is perfectly matched with long dresses and skirts.

Sleeve scarf

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