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Crying (96 per cent cotton, 4 per cent Elité polyester; 160 m/50 g) - 300 g yellow, 150 g white and 100 g sand; matches Nos. 3 and 3, 5; circular matches No. 3.



The number of hinges is repeated at 4 + 2 times. Each row begins and ends with one thunder.
Living rows: * 1 ID, 2 Licens, 1 ID, * repeat continuously;
Identity rows: Petleys to be punctured.


Number of hinges at a time of 30 + 7 + 2 kromatic = tie of the diagram. She's wearing leaf rows. In the intelligent rows, the roosters are tying in the drawing, the cloths are undeclared. Start with one thunder, repeat therapport, end the hinges after the rapport, and one thunder. Repeat the 1-28 series.

Directly and backwardly, the lycées and knowledge rows are the hinges. Round rows: one round row, one round row, one round row, a series of knowledge.


The right edge = the edge, 2 hinges to be tied together with the face and to the left (1 hinge to be removed as the face, 1 lens, then to extend it through the removed loop);
Left edge = cordon to the last three hinges, two hinges to be tied together with the face, the edge.


29, 5 p.m. x 36, 5 p. = 10 x 10 cm, associated with accommodation;
26 p. x 32, 5 p. = 10 x 10 cm related to rubber;
3 p. = width 1 cm.



Pest thread on Speech No. 3 pick up 126 hinges and tie 17 cm with rubber for the plan.

Then the yellow thread on matches No. 3, 5 connect 1 cm = 2 rows of lycenic and 2 rows of specimen, with a uniform distribution of 3 lobes = 129 p.

Continue the work with the acquaintance.

In 53, 5 cm = 196 rows from the change of the white thread, first tie 1 cm = 2 rows with rows and 2 rows with 1 hinge = 128 p. in the 1st row and close 1 x 3 p. = 122 p. in the last known row.

Continue the work as follows: 3 p.m. of the handkerchief (=plank, including limb), 116 p.m. of the rubber, finish 3 p. of the handkerchief (= plank, including the edge).

At the same time, add 9 x 1 p. to the whole sleeves on both sides in each 6th row as follows: at the beginning of the row after the diagram and at the end of the row, before the lateral tread is to be removed from the 1 scrubbed loin by the 1 solo angle = 140 p.

In 18, 5 cm = 60 rows from the shift of the humerus to be closed on both sides of 1 x 5 p. and then in each 2nd row to close 6 x 5 p.

Simultaneously, 21 cm = 68 rows from the shift of the horizon, close the mean 60 p.s. and both sides separately.

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