Детские пледы вязанные спицами

Speaker Coats For Starters

In the cold pole of the year, bonds are more relevant than ever. Not to mention they're always in fashion. Sharfs, sweaters, barrels, hats all love it, and everyone feels nice to be soft and warm. Now, a big bandage is popular, usually it's relevant to scarfs, if it's about clothing, or for diapers, big, voluminous, but surprisingly easy. It's usually expensive in stores, but there's always a way to do it with your hands.
"Yeah, that's all right. - You tell me. - But I can't tie. You don't need to be able to: Yeah, it is. There's a very interesting chaining technique in your hands without using a match and a hook. It's very simple in your development, and you're gonna need only a thread to be tied with your hands or ties and, of course, your own hands. With a big bandage, it's going very fast, and you don't know how to tie a scarf bed in 30 minutes or a fabulous ice in an hour!

The only difficulty in bonding technology is the choice of material. There's only one thing we need to look at here, and we all know how not to just stop on something. A large buckle will have voluminous articles and subtle arc.

You're gonna need 300 grams of a 100 mm thick buckle to tie a scarf-band. If you take the wool, acryl, mixture or other material, it depends only on your taste. From this buckle, it will be 150 cm long and 30 cm wide.

You're gonna need a lot more wool to tie a peel - 3 kg. But the product will be a lot bigger than that! About 150 cm! You can also use any material, you don't have to use the kerinos.

Explain knitting technology with no hands Speed and hook It's just not in the picture, it's in the video. That's why we've gathered a few video-matter classrooms for you to connect the scarf and the ice.
Schools are designed for newcomers, they're very simple and very understandable, and most importantly, the most visible!

Manoeuvre: pale

You'll have to try your handwriting machine! I'm sure you'll enjoy both the process and the outcome. Look at the beautiful scarfs and diapers! Believe me, you'll be fine. Trust yourself, your powers and don't resign.

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