Вязаные носки спицами. Подборка из 17 моделей вязаных носков

Speaker Socks For Starters

Вязание носков

Crystal socks with their hands as a gift by New Year


The socks with their hands are a beautiful warm gift by New Year to close people. If you can at least tie a little on matches, it's time to start. knitting of socks - both meditation and exercise for small motors, and solving the problem of " giving " . By New Year, you'll be in control. How to tie his socks, he tells the bestseller about knitting.

The best socks are from the hair. My husband once saved his hunting dog from a frozen ice pond and spent the whole day hunting in smack boots, but his legs in his wet socks remained warm. Couple of fat socks served him with a pair of Greeks. Try saying the same thing about the synthetic!

Носки спицамиHowever, synthetics are extremely strong, so let us use the dignity of both materials by adding a thin neural thread to the bow and stain.

I'll give myself another categorical statement: the socks are best tied to four matches, round. This phrase might scare a start-up ligament, but after the technology is developed, it's almost automatic. You put the first hinge on each match to avoid a stainless lane from the weak hinge at the point of transition between the matches, or you can move the last two hinges from each match to the next.

The 2x2 rubber is one of the best socks: it's elastic enough to cover the drumstick, but it doesn't slide or slide. So get a sufficient number of hinges to get on the plug and step up, and make sure that number is divided into four, spread them to four matches and tie a sufficiently long line. Expanding for the caviar is only necessary for golfs, but of course you can do it on your socks, which is very exciting.

A lot of good socks should be located at right angles like the leg in her natural position, unless, of course, you're planning on wearing socks with a high heel, but it seems that the fashions haven't figured out yet. The basic rule is to remove half of the hinge for five and to make it equal in width. So join the thin nylon thread, leave the front loops and tie the right lap on the back half of the hinge of the face pan until you get the square.

I prefer to tie the edges of the five of the dressing smooth. I mean, the lyric rows I'm putting on lyric loops, and I've got the first and last four loops in the intelligent rows. Besides, I'm also taking off the first loop without tying it, and the last piece of the ink that makes it a nice and comfortable end of the chain - when the time comes, unleashing the rings for the stacks will be a pleasure.

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