связать шарф спицами для начинающих

Binginging Lessons For Starters

Measure the length of the free end of the filament and tighten the thread in this place with the big and index finger of the right hand. Free end of the filament has a " self "

The end of the thread coming from the club, we put it on the left hand, and we're running a thread between the index fingers of the left hand.

Important: The free end of the filament needs to be stacked as shown in the photo - end of itself. Otherwise, the hinge formation will be more likely than from the tuber (as required) but from the free end of the filament and may not be sufficient.

Let's roll the thread through the index finger and wrap the left hand up. There's a loop on the big finger. The ends of the threads laid together stick to the palms, the unnamed finger and the bear.

In the loop on the big finger, we put two matches in the bottom up.

Raise the thread lying on the index finger and drag it into the loop.

By pushing the threads with a big and point finger, we're pulling on the matches. Petleys must be tight, but not too tight, so they can be moved in the matches.

Уроки вязания спицами для начинающих. Набор начального ряда петель. Этап 6 Уроки вязания для начинающих, часть 3. Набор петель начального ряда основнчм способом