Ажурный палантин спицами: делаем из мохера и из хлопка для

Mandatory Pianine For Starters

схемы для вязания шали или палантина

1. A superfluous sword. BACKGROUND - BOARDS

On the contrary, by improving the quality of the buckle, by creating new interesting patterns and motives, the stitch has now become more modern, fashionable. The variety of models of large-scale cloaks allows for an option suitable for you and your wardrobe.

The tact-based whiplashes or circumferential edges on the sheds underline the gravity of the woman, the nature of the movements, the attractiveness of the figure.

The hand-writing shal will always be original and ideally decorated by your inexorable image. In this material, you will find advice for starters, free of charge. Charging Speakers, video masters of the class with a description of each stage of work on the floor.

Charley and palantine:

схемы для вязания шали или палантина- You can connect the matches with a few options. You'll have to take these accessories with you on a vacation trip. The light arc tip can be put on the shoulders so they don't burn in the sun or throw up to protect them against the head. And a cool evening during a walk, you can put a warm shade on your shoulders and feel comfortable even in a light evening dress.

- Palantine and shal are the perfect means to mask your "problem" parts. Many full women want to hide too much wheat, wide back, or, for example, not exactly perfect hands. Even the slight tips associated with the matches will make a woman feel as attractive as possible.

- in the cold winter period, the warm wool may replace a woman with a head rack and a round scarf. Frequently, the appearance of the new hairdresser or just packing is deteriorating after wearing the cap or bereta. And the air shawl keeps warm and doesn't spoil the hair on the head.

How to wear a blade:

In fact, there are many different ways of wearing stews, which can be very different from your everyday image.

• The most common option is to put a cap on shoulders;