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Speakers For Children Before Year Of Pinetics

pinetki-spici-sin1You're gonna need a penny to make:

  • The buckle is 25 to 30 grams for fixing children ' s things (this is less than half one ute);
  • Pieces Nos. 2, 5-3;
  • Box No. 2, 5;
  • Big needle for tricotage;

2. We're starting to tie a face-to-face smooth, i.e. the lyric rows are pulmonary loops and the ink is inaccurate. The first row is cut off without a hinge, and in the second, we're gonna start adding under the scheme.

8. Next, we'll go through the rows of the lyrics, and we'll tie three rows. In order to get the pinetics on the back, you have to do the next row, tie the two hinges together, do the nakid, then two more together, the face and the naquid. That's how the whole row goes.

11. It's time to close your nose. To do this, we'll do both sides of the mouse. Let's get a face-to-face bow (10 hinge), with the next matching matches, we're moving one loop and we're gonna tie it up with the last tenth of the row that's gonna be pine socks.

15. Next, we continue to be chained by lycées.Картинка Схема подошвы пинеток We've got five rows and one row in the same way as the back on the sole, that's two together, the face, the naqid and two again. This row will be followed by a stitch that will record a pine on the baby's knife.

17. We'll have three more lyrics and shut down the hinges as follows: cut the work thread (about 40 cm) and put it in a tricotage boiler. The needle and the same working thread that was tied, but cut, start shutting down the loops, put down one loop with a match, and send at a third row from the location where the rows for the formation of the " booths " . That's how we sew all the singers on the matches. Put the thread on the inside and cut the tail.

21. We'll get a second penny.

Now I'm ready for your little boy's first shoe related to the matches. You can paint a newborn's pineapple with your taste and fantasy, buttons, ribbons, ears, and everything in your hand-holds.

I've got nine-cm penny-related matches. A child from 0 to 3 months.
1. Начинать вязание пинетки будем с подошвы. Набираем на две спицы 8 петель + 2 кромочные. 3. Прибавки выполняем следующим образом – снимаем первую (кромочную) петлю и в перемычку между петлями вводим спицу – получается лишний накид,  который провязываем,  как лицевую петлю. Так же делаем прибавку и перед последней (кромочной) петлёй. 4. В третьем ряду также выполняем прибавки согласно схеме,  а далее вяжем прямым полотном 7 рядов и вновь провязываем ряд с прибавками с каждой стороны. pinetki-spici-sin10