Как читать схемы вязания крючком. Условные обозначения


Азбука рукодельницы: условные обозначения при вязании крючком (таблица)Irina Metnaya,

31 January 1300 /

Handbag: Symbols in the attachment (table)

It's not a gift called yoga for the brain. It's a job that stabilizes the nervous system, removes unnecessary thoughts and helps create great things for a family wardrobe.

It's on our hands! It's in toy fashion, clothes and jewelry, knitting hookAnd you want to create something beautiful for yourself or for the baby from the knitting magazines, but how do you deal with the complicated schemes? We'll be able to learn the schematic aesaes of the minds that we learned to tie.

2_20Basic loops of basic and simplest eyes

Petleys for experienced and brave masters - newcomers are easy to learn!

Petleys that are used for knitting are full of voluminous devices

3_21The chain of ties is halved by popcorn and Annasiki

Variations of the sight of the “network” on the basis of the base hinge are simple!

Beautiful eyes for a knitting light cardigan.

Example of a combination of elements

Example of oversight

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