Вязание для мужчин с описанием и схемами - Вяжи.ру


Мужской свитер реглан спицами с описаниемChoose in our section of men's clothes an interesting model to you using our descriptions and instructions, and you can be sure that it will be unique and in turn evaluated by your leader.

At present, fashions in male clothing do not only imply a brightly expressed classic or sports style. But as a result of the mixing of styles, there was a daily comfort style for every day, called casual, which was born in Britain and included tied men's clothes, which focused on convenience. Therefore, in the choice of ties for men, preference is given not only to comfort but also to the style of a close man.

Мужской пуловер реглан спицами фотоCreating a unique man's clothes isn't as difficult as it looks. World brands offer different models of knitting for men. And in turn, we choose the most interesting of them and translate the instructions and schemes into Russian.

The male sleeve sweater with the sleeve of the reglades shall be sparkled with a face-to-face smooth and screamed in the shirt with the wire-tap components separated by the middle of the back and the front of the wide-skin strip.

Jaiden is a convenient man's carpet, which fits up the corner with no stitches describing Isabel Kraemer's designer.

Lightning Jacques is one of our men's favorite objects. A man's jacket tied to the matches will be fit both in the classic trousers kit and in the jeans for "game without tie."

Мужской жакет на молнии спицами GreensboroThe model of a gakkard male cardigan from Rovan 60 magazine is a collection of autumn winter 2016-2017 with descriptions and schemes.

Jared likes traditional Jaccard sweaters from Indian tribes in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Rokui in the spirit of bold graphic motives of such sweaters from a fat, cozy buckle. But instead of a traditional collar collar, he added a hood and long buttons, modernizing the view and making a man's knuckle more like a jacket.

Man's free direct sweater with a wide rubber Spirits On top, no stitches. A description from a small size to a large one, so it is possible to link a sweater for men and boys.

The models of a great designer Norah Gaughan always have a great landing and interesting design. Sviter John's Sweater is no exception, the original cos make it very cozy and stylish.

Мужской кардиган 2016-2017 фото Мужской свитер резинкой спицами с описанием Свитер для мужчин спицами фото Мужской кардиган Bodham

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