Вязание своими руками удобных и симпатичных следков спицами двумя

Screening With Schematics

Lorena Madame Tricote (50 per cent cotton, 50 per cent acryl, 150m/50grams), 4 moles
Species Nos. 3, 5 and 4.
I used to do some Japanese scheme, top of a round coke.

Spring from Pehork, 100% cotton, 250m /100 g., 3 moth
Species No. 4.
On top, no stitches, but with a reel.

Based on:
44-46 (high 400m/100gre, matches No. 3, 5)

Pick up 117pect.
I mean, at first, we'll start with the stitches on the left (this is 4 to 8) + Rapport 8pet.*14 times
The cage will reach 52 rows, and it is further advisable to link the 4-6 rows to the back, after which the body will be fully assembled for one match and tied with one calibre, having reached the 7-peel submarine area.
For the body and sleeves, the shame is repeated from 53-56.

Symbols under cigns:
1- is cos 1/1
2-third loop through the first two... two loops, their nails, their faces, their faces, their faces, their faces.

It's just that there'll be another earring to tie the top, but you can tie it to the bottom, you can tie it to the bottom!
We don't pay attention to the pysanine on top of the 1st, but at the height of the rapport doesn't come back from there, even though it's all possible.