Учимся читать схемы для вязания крючком - Мамины ручки

How Do You Understand The Knitting Pattern Of The Hook

I still don't know any ligament who could read the scheme without knowing the symbols. The symbols should therefore be taught as a multiplication table. At least those who are the most common, and they're not so many, once or twice.
Usually, there's a sign in the magazines, so it's all in hand.

The rules must be known both in any asbox and in the reading of chaining schemes. How do you read that? Where's the beginning?
Now, the beginning, the starting point is in the right lower corner for the most typical angles.
And for rounds, the center, with very few exceptions.
Well, we're not going to start with something that's complicated, we need to overcome the simplest scheme.

The direction of the knitting is the direction of reading the charts. When we take the book, we read it from the top down and the left right. And the knitting is the opposite. We'll take care of the chart and read it as a book, only in Arabic, from the last page, that's right-hand and bottom-up.

When the first row is encrypted and connected, we start reading the second. And there's a change in the direction of thinking, because you have to read in the same direction as you do. And it's a snake, backwards. So the second row is reading on the left right. If the pattern was transparent, we'd turn it around like the knitting turned over, but it's not transparent, and that turn can only be done in the head.

The third row is the first, fourth, second, etc.
It's easier with rounds, it reads like it's spiraling.

There's another nuance on the reading of the schemes. How do you move from one chain to another? Sometimes in the schematics, it's very accurate and sometimes forgotten. Then you have to keep in mind that when you're going to a new row, if it's a simple diagram, and you're going to get in there, you need to get an air loop. Depending on the height of the pole, one is if we stick poles with no calcium, two if it's poles with nakin and so on.

And with alcoholic bonds, there's no way to cross a row. We're just hanging around, it's like a spring.

Actually, that's all the tips for starters to read the charts. Most importantly, you take the hook and tie the first row, and then the second one, and it's gonna get back to its place without the instructor. But theoretically, learn how to read Cricket chain It won't work. Just like no one's ever learned how to drive in theory.