Вязание крючком безотрывное вязание мотивов мастер класс — ЗАО Авто

Instantly Tying The Motives Of The Hook

Another huge niche in the knitting hook, an inseparable bond. What is this? It matches the name-- the bond is full of a lot of petty motives without breaking the thread.
At first glance, I think it doesn't make sense. Where do we start? I think it's crazy, but KAC? A lot of people don't give up the idea of tying instantly and for nothing.
I won't be able to give the same, one recipe for each of the ears, but I'll try to give the algorithms for the newcomers.

First, in most cases the rows are marked in different colours. That makes it much easier to read the scheme.
Second, where's the beginning? In most cases, the scheme should be read from the bottom up and marked where the bond begins. And besides, it's not the first time you've got a hook and you realize that first you need to tie internal rows - in most cases a circle with which motive begins.
Thirdly, the very principle of inextricable bonds is that all the lower parts of several motivations are horizontally applied, then the upper parts are tied to them, and the second set of reasons is similar: first, lower, then upper. There are still rows in many ways that end up tying side motives, all vertically.

I hope I have explained the principle itself, because all the eyes are different and one, it's written in each of them. The most important thing is, don't be afraid of this type of a hook, look carefully at the pattern and see it. You're gonna love it!

Instant knives often come in using elastic threads, underwear hooks, it's not so complicated, it's crazyly beautiful and super exclusive.
Indistinct palanines and stitches are produced because the motive in the inseparable chain is small, the drawing is very tender.
And, of course, tops, cats and even top clothes. Agree, you wouldn't tie a big thing with a little motive, knowing how many times you're gonna have to make a fresh mug and fix a cut thread, and an inseparable bond in this case is a handbag!