Лялькины истории: Варежки крючком

Described Hook

Let's go to the fashion show with a cup of sleep. It's an interesting cold weather model. Description.

Liquidation description:

Usually, we recruit 45 p.m. for matches, and the 13 following rows are tied with pearls. The pattern is lower.


The next 10 rows of the lyric loop.

Starting with 24 rows, we've got each row, that's, every second row, pointing two ps together at the beginning and at the end of each match four times. So we'll kill each second row for eight hinges, that's every match for two. Already in a row that's the last two p.m. we'll be together and the ones that need to be pulled.

Let's go to the guns.
We'll put down the bottom of the hat. To that end, we need to count 11 hinges from the bottom of the hat and hire 11 hinges. Our commitment is now down. We're doing the crumbs, and after that, we're going to do two together. After there's only five hinges on the match, you need to tie them with one loop. The knuckle from the tip, the knuckle hires some 28 cm long. They'll be blindfolds. It's just like the drawing shows the lipstick to the end. We'll have a second ear as well.

The last thing we do is start knitting the upper ears. We're doing this hook. We'll put them separately, then we'll have to sew them to the hat.

One p.: we'll get two airs.
2 p.: 2 b/n in each article b/n of the previous row. We got eight poles.
3 p.: this row shall be free of additives (8)
4 p.: Make additions (two b/n of one) through the pole. There'll be 12 poles.