Вязание крючком для детей: схемы, рекомендации и видео начинающим

Creating For Start-Up Baby Stuff

imageThe most beautiful baby-related things I think are tied to. It's a car park and dress for girls, and beautiful punks and hats for the summer. And what wonderful pineapples are for the smallest of our men. But don't think that only summer stuff, hooks and pretty warm coffins, hat sweater and even socks and bars can be tied to kids.

In the section, you will find tied dresses for girls, cats and sweaters, tied hats, noses, even tied baths for girls. Of course, we haven't forgotten the knitting for the babies.

Long live spring, flowers and beauty!

My name is Carpova Anastasia. I'd like to share with you the favorite spring warm dress model for girls.

Plato. I've got a master class.

I needed 200 g buckle bambino (Camtex) 35% mere wool, 65% acryl, 50 g, 150 m. (100 g grey and clover colour), hook number 3 and 10 days of work. I made the plug in the back.

1This kit is linked to the oversight of Stars. For age 1, 5-2 years, or specifically for head size 44-46 cm.

That's the link to the video.

I've made it harder for myself, and I've been blurred out of the 2nd colors of the mild and dairy. Bianca Babylux (two mosquitoes of each colour), hook No. 3, 0, for ligament No. 2, 5.

This description of the disgrace is more suitable for snoud. It's going straight to the right length (I'm 43 cm) and we're going up to the right width (14 cm). Then hold No. 2, 5 shall be tied from the 2nd sides to the width of about 3 cm. The first row of stbn, three rows of stbn and the last row again. Sew buttons. We don't forget to play in the second plan - for that, in the 3rd row (i.e. 2nd row) I've been tying the 3rd row, and I'm going to end up again 3st. Sharf Snow is ready. Total length 49cm.

2There's a change in the diagram, so I've got a circle of right diameter first. Next, straight without additives, and the circle to the right depth (16cm). I also read colors.

Next, we'll tie up some stbn on the edge of the hat. Then a 10p rubber and this pattern:

Determine the location of the rear axles and at the same distance from it, unleash the ears of the stbn. Under this scheme

We've got to put a stick on the lipstick. I also have a two-coloured bucket. The hat is ready.

Author of work: Burov Elena

A lot of mommy's already turned up looking for a suitable hat for her baby. Spring is a time when you don't know what to wear, like it's warmer, and the wind's still coming. And in a warm hat, the kids are hot. Now, if you can at least tie a little hook, that's a little less of a problem for you, 'cause you can tie the hat just in the evening.

What are the demands we have on? knitting cap for children?

First, she should be comfortable, that's to make the baby comfortable, and that mom knows that the baby won't freeze.

3 4 берет для девочки крючком 11

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