Вяжем варежки крючком | Марина К

Buckle Wraps

Step 1

It's a hinge.

For the upper part of the barrage, carry eight half-strong threads into the thread ring, with two air hijacks instead of the 1st half-century. This and every next round row end 1 connector to the top air loop.

In the next round row, increase the number of hinges to 16. To do that, tie two half-century.
One of the bases.

These hinges shall be divided as follows: the 1st loop is the right average hinge, the following 7 hinges are the upper side of the rim, the next hinge is the left medium loop, the remaining 7 hinges are the inner side of the barrel.

Starting with the 2nd round row, tie round rows to the front and back so that the beginning of the round row does not change. To this end, turn the job after each roundabout.

Then, in order to expand the upper part, carry out in each 2nd round row in the hinge before and after both medium hinges, respectively, 2 half-size = 4 additions per round row.

The number of hinges to reach the wrist and the length is given in the table (see below) or in the instructions.

Step 2


After the number has been reached, tie the hinge without additives until the thumb washed.

For the thumb buckle, fill in the hinges before and after the left medium loop, two half-size hinges are added. Then leave the loops unconnected.

Step 3

A big finger and a thumb blade.

Start tying as follows:
instead of the 1st half-century, tie two air hikes. This and every next round row end 1 connector to the top air loop. In the next round row, increase the number of hinges to the appropriate thumb. To that end, by equitably distributing, contact two half-centurys on one base hinge. The number of hinges as well as the length of the finger is given in the table or instructions.

Starting with the 2nd round row, tie round rows in the directions forward and back, so that the beginning of the round row is not reduced. To this end, turn the job after each roundabout.

Upon reaching the appropriate thumb length, fill the thumb to the first and last hinges for 2 semi-tank = 2 caps.

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