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Machine Mohere

Moher's natural shades are considered white, refugee, gray, brown. But you can find a variety of colors on sale. Every woman will be able to find something in her taste and create a garderob mocher. And for things to have a distinct view and to emphasize the inexplicable style of the host, I suggest that we look at the most interesting schemes.


It's a small diagram from the mohes, it's easy to remember. The trilister creates a beautiful arc. Compulsory matches Models are light and air.

Manufacturing process:

  1. How to make this look can be seen in the drawing. This is the case with the outside, the knowledge passage shall be carried out by the existing hinges, respectively;
  2. The risk shall be created by the use of the moheer ' s cloths in the outer rows and hinge tied to the left or right side;
  3. In line 5 and 11, the identified elements should intercept the thread. To that end, we need to put a tool in between the seventh and eighth hinges, stretch a little tread and tie the matches to the formed pawn at one time with the next. Let's go, let's go. Inter-Naquids must be given a formula: a facial one with a long wheat, the same one, three together, two.

Simple disgrace from the Moher

Such mosquitoes would do great for women, only the leagues of knitting. This ornament is quite simple, but with it, the matches can create unusually beautiful things. Especially if you use a fur of bright shades. According to the scheme, only the outside is involved. On the other hand, we repeat the roosters. The link is added, the inside side is bound by the same element. The report has 10 hinges, repeats at height from the first to the twelfth line.

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