жакеты и кардиганы | Вязание спицами, крючком, уроки вязания

Speakers And Cardigans

The days and the minus temperatures are dictating their drift code rules, but women still want to look elegant, and there's gonna be very appropriate knitting hooks. coffers, jockets and cardigans. Coft's a piece of wooled clothing for the top of the body with a staple from the bottom of the front. The Coft was the basis for the appearance of the rest of the leather, sweater, pulmonary, jamper, jockets. It's worth noting that even if the coffet has a tall stiff gate, it's better to call it a cat, not a sweater. Coft as an item of clothing is known for centuries. According to some of the data, the coffins were tied and carried in ancient Egypt. It is well known that coffins as a comforting layer have been in Europe since the thirteenth century. Jacquet (French) is a short woman's upper clothing, a short version of the jacket, usually long to the waist. Sometimes the length of the jacket can reach the middle of the hip. Classic jocket has a semi-enhanced force. The length of such a jacket can reach the thigh lines. French models have been tying their jockets in the thirteenth to fifteenth veins. One of the varieties of coffet is cardigan, a sticky jacket on the figure, no collar, deep cut, maybe on buttons. On date те By popularityTotal, sub-section 186