Вязание резинки: схема и фото

An English Rubber On Round Matches

снуд английской резинкойAs is well known, scarfs, hats, snitches and other accessories of the English rubble are predominantly two direct matches (a detailed description of the band and video can be seen here). If there is no trouble with scarfs in the future, the snoops and hats have to be stitched (such as the snitch). It's not always a good thing to do. But there's a way! The whole secret is in the description of the knitting. If all the ranks are carefully and correctly executed, it'll be easier to tie the snud of the English rub on the round matches without further stitching!

I've got a double rubber hat and a fur lip.

For the kit, I needed three utes of 100 grams, a thread length of 120 m.шапка с помпоном If you're following the news of the Disex site, of course you know how to tie a hat with a double rubber. And if you don't, look here and/or here. I also recommend that we sign the news at the end of the article.

I've decided to tie a nude into one revolution, which will be tightly covered by the neck, the size of this standard nudity is 30 by 60 cm. In order to determine how many hinges it takes to get on the matches, you need to tie the control sample.

It will be necessary for knitting:

  • Islay (Alpaca 48 per cent, silk 48 per cent, polyamide 4 per cent)
  • Round No. 5 matches

снуд и шапка круговыми спицамиWe'll get an even number of hinges. We'll split two matches, we'll put the knitting in the ring.

How to tie an English rub with round matches, i.e. round, description

1 round row: *Chide, 1 hinge, not tied to the right-hand match, 1 face-to-face */ naquid, no hinge; 1 person, etc. Repeat from* to** to the end of the roundabout.

2 round rows: ♪ We're patching up an intelligent loop, we're doing naqid, we're shooting a no-than-than-hungle on the right, etc. ♪ Repeat from* to** to the end of the roundabout.

3 round rows: ♪ We're gonna make a nakid, we're gonna shoot a hip behind the back wall ♪ with a left match on the right, a hinge with the oxid of the previous row ♪ Repeat from* to** to the end of the roundabout.

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