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Child Kits

Жакет для девочки спицами с описаниемOur collection of tied child clothing from foreign designers has a big brunch for girls. There are cardigans and coats, cofts and bullets, tops and dresses, all our tender creatures! Lots of models of matches, steel and comfort. And tied dresses for girls are so airy and flying, they'll be fine for mornings and holidays.

Girls are so smart and careless in dresses and pants. How much energy and laughter! Moms and grandmas, aunts and sisters, we just have to keep this light of the tenderness that runs and lives around us, so we're gonna bring girls comfortable and steep clothes that won't interfere with their activity.

We hope that our work in translating the descriptions and Linking models For girls, we'll appreciate and use you because the fashion things make girls taste good from little years.

Крестильный набор для девочки, вязанный крючком, с описаниемSpeaking matches for girls with stylish, straight lines and one button.

Cristinas are a very important step in the baby's life. And for this case, a special dress, tied with his hands, is particularly pleasant when a slash kit is tied to the love in every hinge. A fabulous pattern of dresses for especially solemn cases, such as ancestry, baptism or watch, with detailed descriptions of the knitting.

An unbelievablely beautifully tied dress with a vintage style for our little princess draws attention to the wheat skirt and sleeves.

Little girls are still at the age when they let their mothers choose their own model. The verb super-down sweater for girls from 2 to 10 years.

Нарядное вязаное платье для девочки

The fascinating parts on the collar, the sleeve-phone and the light cage on the back make this girl's box truly charming.

A beautiful and cozy model for our little fashions is linked to the buckle of the lowest puddle. Disein is so simple that you're gonna have to be on the shoulder even the start-up bands.

Poncho's matching. Under the little legs, they swallow the oak leaves while they're curious to run through the woods, making noise.

The humid and warm extended cardigan for the girl is tied to a soft mere wool, decorated by the eye of voluminous cos and aranic snakes with stitches.

Sarah Hatton's haird Jemper Echo Designer is for girls and girls. Large sleeves, coquet, glued down the Jemper repeat the salads of dresses for little ladies.

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