Шарф-хомут и сумка - Шапки, шарфы, косынки

Charf-Humata Chain

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Snud, or just a scarf homouth, is now again at a peak of popularity, as it was a few decades ago. He's not only a warm and reliable defender from the wind and the cold, but also an attractive accessory that can complement any style. Especially if the snoud is tied with his hands.

By its principle, a scarf is a scarf that's stuck in a ring. It may be connected to an inextricable ring, or maybe a ribbon that needs to be lit with buttons or hooks. An interesting and original version of the snitch is a scarf in the shape of a mebius tape, a closed ring removed inside. It's a scarf-homite structure that's better suited and wrapped the neck, warmer and comfortable. You can tie it with the matches and the hook.

нежный шарф снудThe button snitch allows the scarf to be as thin as possible and adjacent to the neck, if, for example, it has to be placed under the top of the clothing in such a way that it does not create an excess volume.

A wide variety of axes can be used to steal snitches, for example, slices of mech or large tubes. Sharf Homouth will warm and steal.

Snuffs varieties

Before you decide to tie yourself together, we need to figure out what kinds of these great scarfs exist than they are different and what is needed. It seems that a scarf-homouth is a very simple design that does not involve a special flight for fantasy. That opinion, however, was erroneous.

First of all, snitches can be different in size. Short scarfs can only be wrapped around the neck, the longer are designed to carry two turns, one of them puts some on the head in the form of a hood.

Secondly, even if the snoode is not very long and only one turn around the neck, it can be so wide that it can be put on the head, too. The narrower scarfs are only homouths to heat the neck.

шарф хомут с косами снуд серый шарф хомут ажурный