Шапка спицами для мальчика: примеры вязания (фото и схемы)

Boys ' Mandatory Diagrams

чулочная вязка спицамиIt's a pleasure for little kids! Work is fast on the basis of small size, and in most cases the results are much better than shopping offers. This is particularly the case with the children's hat. Sometimes what is available on sale contains too many synthetics and does not protect the child from wind or crossroads. That's why it's best to try to tie the baby's hat with your hands.

Boy's hat: Speaker knitting characteristics

The match boy's hat is a little easier than the girls. If the chaining pattern can be the same, the primary cleaning requires additional decorations and decorations. Before Child cap Speakers have enough to choose the color of the buckle and the right eye.

резинка спицамиAll the hats, like me. By using it, you can tie anything without a description.

Boys need to start by taking the steps. Even if you're showing up, you need to know the head grab and the height of the hat. The first step is taken to measure the centimetre ribbon circumference through the middle of the forehead. 2nd, measuring the cuts, from the mat to the middle of the forehead. We're recording measures. After that, we pick the buckle. The thicker the threads, the warmer the hat gets. Another advantage of thick thread is that it's much faster to tie.

Шапочка для мальчика спицамиWe'll pick the right diameter of the matches. To this end, the manufacturer ' s recommendations on the package should be examined. Each ligamentor works with its density, so it's possible to move a little away from these dimensions. We'll set a sample so that the number of hinges in the row is determined. We're gonna hire about 20 hinges, and we're gonna have 5-7 cm of the chosen basic look. If you get too vocal, change the matches to the other, smaller diameter. The sample must be washed or evaporated. By liner, determine the number of hinge in 1 cm of the sample.

Then we need to calculate the number of hinges in the 1st row. For this, we multiply the head bruise by the number of hinges per specimen. For example, if, in 1 cm, 3 loops and 30 cm head grabbing, we'll get 90 foots.

After we put the right amount of singer on the matches, we're going to tie the hat. The first few rows are better off with a rubber, so the hat will be comfortable with the head, and the lower edge will not be wrapped. Then let's face the main shame. The number of rows is the height of the cap minus 3-4 cm. Then we're gonna get the caps to round the top.

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